Rockabella Electronic Press Kit


“Rockabella is the latest installment in my exhilarating and consuming music addiction. It is my most recent alter-ego.” 
– Teodora

Rockabella is an indie rock group, from Bucharest, Romania. The band features powerhouse singer-songwriter Teodora Moroșanu, Andrei Ilie – drums, Șerban-Ionuț Georgescu – bass and Mircea Steriu – guitar, while Bogdan Moroșanu shapes the band’s unique sound as musical producer.
Rockabella’s music is outspoken and brave while fragile and sensitive, allowing the band to connect intimately with their audience. Rockabella explores the human condition through the ever-changing contrasts between light and dark, presence and absence, sounds and silence.

  • July 2018


    What is this song about? It’s about driving to the beach in the middle of the nigh. About crowds of people dancing in the sand. About sunrises to Ravel’s Borelo. It’s about One shot, One joint, One Table. Come on!

    The video for the song USUJOM has been filmed entirely as a joke and has no desire to be presented otherwise.

  • March 2018

    7 MINUTE

    Rockabella releases their second Romanian single. “7 Minute” is a song about a love greater than life itself and about the things we take with us when we pass on. The video for the song features actors Denisa Nicolae and Liviu Romanescu.

  • May 2017

    ÎNCĂ UN PAS (One More Step)

    Rockabella is working on a new album, this time including songs in Romanian. They release the song Încă un pas (One More Step)” in it’s acoustic version as a teaser for the new material.

  • November 2015


    Rockabella releases the “A World Outside” EP.

  • November 2015


    The band releases the cinema noir  inspired video for the song ” Buttercup“. They show the video for the first time in a  concept-show which also announces their upcoming EP “A World Outside”.

  • May 2014


    Rockabella releases their debut song, “Motionless”, along with their first video.






Cosmin Ionescu, Overground Magazine
(...) Ce impresionează din prima, văzând formația pe scenă, este atenția acordată show-ului. Practic, marți în Control am văzut un fel de concert-concept, în care proiecțiile și interludiile erau gândite în perfectă armonie cu setlistul, oferind o experiență completă și unitară. Mai rar vezi genul ăsta de implicare la trupele de pe la noi, din păcate, iar să văd asta la o trupă aflată la al doilea sau al treilea concert live ever m-a bucurat nespus, convingându-mă că Rockabella sunt cât se poate de serioși în demersul lor. Spectacolul, dacă-i pot spune așa, poartă numele EP-ului care va fi lansat în curând, A World Outside, iar dacă știm și de unde vine titlul („I have to believe in a world outside my own mind”, quote din Memento care a funcționat ca un laitmotiv pe parcursul concertului) ne facem o idee destul de clară asupra intențiilor și a atmosferei invocate de către trupă. (...)
(…) The sometimes smooth and aggressive vocals blend nicely into elements of indie and alternative, with a powerful lyrical expressivity.
From all the songs, ‘Motionless’ got my attention, being a superb 4 minutes piece that was chosen to make the debut of the band in the ‘music jungle’. It starts very intimate, with an intuitive harmony that is so finely crafted and performed; the song takes you unexpectedly to another level, with an explosive sound that will make you press ‘repeat’ various times. (…)





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